How to Get Setup on Our Customer Center: Step-By-Step Guide

Friday, April 19, 2024

What you'll need:

​- An active subscription to Unusual Activity

Accessing the Customer Center

1. The customer can be found on the Unusual Activity home page in the navigation bar. Hovering or selecting the dropdown on the 'Account Settings' tab will open up a few options; the one you'll need to click is 'Management'. This will bring you to the login screen for our customer center.

UA step 1 png

​Alternatively you can click the button below.

Logging Into The Customer Center

2.  Once you've gone to the login screen for our customer center, you'll be asked to enter your email. The email has to be the one you purchased Unusual Activity on, as the system has to recognize that you've purchased. It will then show a notification that a login link has been sent to your email, once you've found the email, clicking the link will automatically log you in.


Enter email png
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Getting Familiar

3.  Once you've logged in, you'll be brought to the initial dashboard screen. This page will display any courses you've purchased or have been enrolled in, as well as any community memberships that you're a part of.

Clicking the 'My Account' tab will take you to your Unusual Activity Customer Center Profile. In here, you'll be able to edit your community profile as well as:​

- View and manage any subscriptions you have.
- View orders you've made.
- All payment methods you have on file.
- Addresses associated with you account. 
- Phone numbers associated with your account.

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Under this tab, you'll see the complete list of all the current subscriptions you have and the ones you have cancelled. You'll also be able to see which product you're subscribed to and the billing status. Clicking the subscription will open the order details for that subscription. Here you'll get a complete breakdown, from the amount being charged to the invoice date and status. 

You can also cancel and pay invoices, We've made articles that breakdown the process for both.


Under this tab, you'll see all of the orders you've made. Clicking the order number will give you the same breakdown of the order details as mentioned before.

Payment Methods

Under this tab, you'll see all of the cards that you have on file. You can add and remove cards from this window, the button below will take you to the step-by-step guide on how to do so.


Under this tab, you'll see all of the addresses on file, which can be used for billing or shipping. You'll also have the ability to add and remove if necessary.

Phone Numbers

Under this tab, you'll see all of the phone numbers you have on file which again can be added and removed.

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