How To Create A Workspace On Unusual Activity.

Friday, April 19, 2024

What you'll need:

​- An active subscription to Unusual Activity.

What Is a Workspace?

A workspace is a customizable set layout which allows users to change what they monitor on the fly.

Here's how to get it set up

1. You'll need to log into your Unusual Activity, if you've not logged in before or can't remember your details, you can always go back to the original email with them in or alternatively reset your password.

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2. Once logged in, you'll be met with the main dashboard page. At the bottom right of the dashboard, you'll see a button labeled 'Workspaces' clicking that will open up the workspace settings.

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3. In the workspace settings you'll see all the default workspace and any other workspaces you've previously made. To add a new workspace you'll need to click the button labeled 'New' in the bottom right corner of the settings box.

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4. You'll then need to name the workspace, we recommend something related to the use case or markets you'll be using it for.

unusualactivity_qwirCctyXp png

4. Once you've saved the name, you'll need to head back into the workspace setting and click the new workspace you'd just created. It will then ask if you'd like to save the default layout, if you haven't opened anything on this layout then click no, if you have and would like to keep them click yes.

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unusualactivity_imJeI8S5eY png

5. Now that you're in the workspace we just created, you'll need to open up the markets you'd like to monitor in that workspace. After they've been opened up, put them into the position on your screen where you'd like them to re-open. Then head back to the workspace settings and click the button labeled 'save'.

tXwgDVweYA png

7. Now that it's saved whenever you open up this workspace whatever markets you wanted to monitor will appear in the same location. You can also save this layout as the default on load up by clicking the button labeled 'Set as Default.

​And that's it, Create as many as your heart desires. Happy trading!

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