How to Cancel Your Unusual Activity Subscription.: Step by Step Guide

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

What you'll need before starting:​

​- An active account on Unusual Activity

1.  Head over to and hover over the 'Account Settings' drop down and click the 'Management' tab.

2.  You'll be brought to the login screen for our customer portal, Enter the email you purchased Unusual Activity on and then you'll be met with a notification that says a 'magic link'  has been sent to login has been sent to that email.


Enter email png
login link to email png

3.  Once logged in you'll be brought to the customer portal front page. This page will display all of the courses you may be enrolled in and the community memberships you have. However click on the 'My Account' to be taken to you 'Customer Center Profile'.

4.  In your 'Customer Center Profile', you'll be able to see the subscriptions you have, orders you've made, payments methods you have on file, addresses and phone numbers, as well as your community profile. 

For the purpose of this article all you need is the subscriptions tab, which should be selected as default.

5. Under the subscriptions tab will be all the recurring memberships you're signed up for, as well as any that have a trial before the initial purchase. You will need to click the three dots on the subscription you'd like to cancel. 

6. Clicking the three dots will then bring up a submenu, with one of the options being cancel. Click cancel to be taken to the next stage.

7. After clicking cancel, a pop-up will appear with a warning to to state that you're sure you want to cancel and when the cancelation will be effective. Underneath that will be a drop-down option to notify us on your reason for cancelation (which is okay to leave blank if preferred) as well as a cancelation description. Clicking submit at the bottom right of the pop-up will cancel your membership.

8. To ensure your subscription has been canceled, the subscription you had previously should be listed under order status as canceled effective followed by the date. You would have also been sent a cancelation confirmation email, if they're any issues please contact support.

Cancelation Policy

If you cancel well within the 30-day money back guarantee, you will be entitled to a no questions asked refund. If you submit a cancellation request to our team shortly before you're charged and you do get charged during the time we will issue a full refund.  We will not issue refunds 24 hours after being charged.

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