How To Add Another Payment Method: Step-By-Step Guide

Friday, April 19, 2024

What you'll need:

​- An active subscription to Unusual Activity

Login to The Customer Center

1. Head over to the following link to login to our customer center to see all of the purchases you have made: 

​NOTE: You do not use your Unusual Activity login, once you reach the screen enter your email you purchased with and then it will send you a magic login link to that email. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

Enter email png
login link to email png

Accessing Payment Methods

1. Once logged in, ​you'll be met with the dashboard screen which will show any courses or communities you've been enrolled in. To see your payment methods you'll need to click the 'My Account' tab on the menu on the left.

2. You'll then be brought over to your customer center profile, in which you'll see:

- Account details
- Subscriptions
- Orders
- Payment Methods
- Addresses 
- Phone Numbers

Different options in customer center png

3. Click on the 'Payment Methods' tab. You'll then see all of the payment methods you have saved on your account, to add a new one, click the button titled 'Add new payment method'. 

Click add payment method button png

4. The form to add the new payment card will then appear, fill the form out with your new card details and then press the button titled 'Create payment method'.

Create new payment method png

And done!

We've covered how to change the payment card on subscriptions in another article, click below to see how.

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