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Use our software to quickly find and trade High Volatility Breakouts, Euphoria and Capitulation events.

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​Create a powerful edge by trading the right instruments, at the right time.

Here's how it works

Actionable information displayed in the simplest way

UAX & Percentile

Unusual Activity look at the past trading data of an asset/security and compares it to how it's trading RIGHT-NOW to alert you on unusual movement. It's then assigned an UAX score and Percentile to demonstrate how unusual the move is, so you can take action.​

Audible & Visual Alerts​

Unusual Activity provides audible and visual alerts for when breakouts are taking place.

Endless Assets/Securities to Monitor

No Matter What You Trade, We've Got It.​


All the major currency pairs such as the loonie and cable and much more so you can find every market opportunity.


All the major crypto coins so you can catch the next bull run.


Monitor all ETFs like the SPY, IVV and VOO


Monitor the all futures at once or select a market that suits you such as Agriculture, Bonds, Indexes, Metals, Crypto Currencies and Energy.


Monitor all US Stocks or monitor stocks in select indices such as the Dow 30, S&P500 to even Telecommunications and SO much more!

Effectively & Effortlessly Find Breakouts

Multiple Instruments, 100's of Assets, Big Market Moves.

Save Time and Screen Real-Estate

Let the next big breakout come to you with. Save time scouring charts and be alerted when there is unusual moves.

No External Software Required

Unusual Activity requires ZERO external software. We gather the data ourselves so you can instantly find the next breakout.

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